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Mobile Equipment Maintenance

The table below shows  a progression of courses through the Mobile Equipment Maintenance pathway. Students who work through this progression are considered concentrators in the pathway. The list on the left displays the entire list of offerings available.



Grade Level

Consumer Auto Care

10, 11, 12

Auto Restoration Techniques 10, 11, 12

Auto I: Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Electrical Systems

10, 11, 12

Auto II: Steering/Suspension, Brakes, Advanced Steering & Suspension, Drivetrain

11, 12

 Auto III: Mobile HVAC, Electrical II, Engine Performance II



What competition opportunities are available?

The Pratt Community College Automotive Technology Contest allows students to earn scholarships, including full books and tuition, to the PCC auto program as well as tools and equipment.

Are there other benefits to me in the Auto pathway?

YES! Auto students are concurrently enrolled with HCC earning college credit that requires NO TUITION. Upon program completion students can pursue advanced studies OR enter the workforce upon graduation.

What careers are available and how much money can I make?

Below is a list of a few career choices in Auto Technology.

Career Specialty

U.S. Salary Median

Education Requirements

Auto Service Technician


High school diploma

Auto Master Mechanic


Associates degree

Aircraft Mechanic


Associates degree

Mechanical Engineer


4-year degree


Contact Information

Cory Unruh

Automotive Instructor

(316) 284-6280, ext. 2803


Bob Ziegler

Automotive Instructor

(316) 284-6280, ext. 2806


Automotive students learn to make engine repairs.