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A/V Communications

The table below shows  a progression of courses through the A/V Communications pathway. Students who work through this progression are considered concentrators in the pathway. The list on the left displays the entire list of offerings available.



Grade Level


Grade Level

Intro to Journalism

9, 10, 11, 12

Design & Production (Yearbook/Newspaper)

10, 11, 12

A/V Production Fundamentals

9, 10, 11, 12

Graphic Design II

11, 12

Graphic Design Fundamentals

10, 11, 12




What do I do in class?

Whether you have an interest in photography, writing or technology, there are opportunities in journalism! Students write, edit and publish 11 issues of the NHS newspaper, The Newtonian, a literary magazine and the yearbook. Students also write and produce a news show, Railer News, in Broadcast Production.

Are there other benefits to me in the A/V Communications pathway?

YES! Students are members of the National Scholastic Press Association. As members of this association members attend workshops and participate in competitions.

What careers are available and how much money can I make?

Below is a list of a few career choices in A/V Communications.

Career Specialty

U.S. Salary Median

Education Requirements



Associates degree



4-year degree

Writer and Author


4-year degree

Literature Postsecondary Teacher


Advanced degree

Contact Information

Dan Page

A/V Communications Instructor

(316) 284-6280, ext. 2113


Eden Quispe

Graphic Design Instructor

(316) 284-6280, ext. 2417