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The table below shows  a progression of courses through the Construction pathway. Students who work through this progression are considered concentrators in the pathway. The list on the left displays the entire list of offerings available.




Grade Level

Intro to Industrial Technology

9, 10, 11, 12

Woodworking II

11, 12

Woodworking I

10, 11, 12

Laser Works


Geometry in Construction

11, 12




What will I do in class?

Students will create projects for their own use as well as learn how to read blueprints and develop a plan of procedure. The class includes instruction on shop safety, lumbering practices, and measurement & layout. Students will learn jointery, finishing, wood grading and estimating to prepare them for employment. Instruction will also include CNC design and production.

Are there other benefits to me in the Construction pathway?

YES! Woods III students work in partnership with the Small Business Management class to manufacture items using the laser engraving machine. These products are sold to members in the community and throughout Kansas.

What careers are available and how much money can I make?

Below is a list of a few career choices in Construction.

Career Specialty

U.S. Salary Median

Education Requirements

Construction helper


High school diploma



Associates degree

Construction manager


4-year degree



Advanced degree


Construction students cut boards to make a customized cutting board.

Mark Mock

Construction Instructor

(316) 284-6280, ext. 2830