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Emergency Medical Technician

80901-80902 Emergency Medical Technician (HCC) Grade 12 1 credit
Prerequisites: Principal approval, appropriate reading placement score, Human Body Systems or Anatomy and Physiology (see p. 22). Information, skills and attitudes necessary for certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the State of Kansas and National Registry of EMT. Includes EM131 Cardiac Care for .5 credit ( HCC course): Cardiac function, disease and treatment modalities for various cardiac emergencies; basic anatomy and physiology; cardiac disease and the risk factors involved in cardiovascular degeneration; sudden cardiac death and the probable causes along with treatment modalities. This course will meet at the Newton Medical Center. Students are responsible for costs of board fees and books with the POSSIBLITY of partial reimbursement upon certification. A uniform of black pants, black shoes and t-shirt will be required. T-shirt is provided. 10 credit hours – HCC. Hutchinson Community College course number is EM110.