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Health Science


Grade Level


Grade Level

Intro to Healthcare

9, 10,11, 12

Health Science IV/CNA


Nutrition and Wellness

10, 11, 12

Emergency Medical Technician


Sports Medicine 11, 12 Medical Terminology 
(online w/ HCC)
Anatomy & Physiology  11, 12    

* Students may choose between Human Body Systems or Anatomy and Physiology. Students who want a more rigorous course in hopes of earning a medical / professional degree from a university are advised to take Anatomy & Physiology.

Health Science I meets at  Newton Medical Center. Transportation will be provided.

What competition opportunities are available?

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is designed to enhance the delivery of quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge and leadership development. HOSA students compete at state and national levels.

Are there other benefits to me in the Health Science pathway?

YES! Students in Health Science IV prepare and take the Certified Nurse’s Aide test. Passing the test will allow students to receive their CNA license. Courses prepare students for college coursework in medical careers that have competitive entry into professional programs. Students who wish to earn CNA certification must be at least 16 years of age and earn a qualifying score on the Compass Placement Test. 

What careers are available and how much money can I make?

Below is a list of a few career choices in Health Science.

Career Specialty

U.S. Salary Median

Education Requirements

Medical Assistant


Associates degree

RN with BSN


4-year degree

Physical Therapist


Advanced degree



Advanced degree



Fred Schmidt

Health Science Instructor

(316) 284-6280, ext. 2647


Richard Mick

Health Science Instructor

(316) 284-6280, ext. 2715



Health Science I students practice using the new stethoscopes donated by Newton Medical Center.


Students perform DNA testing in Human Body Systems.