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In-House Businesses

There are a variety of in-school businesses where students design, create, market and sell their products. Students gain real-world experiences in how to operate a small business. The following is a list of in-house Newton High School businesses:


Pathway Business Name Description/Product Teacher Contact
Marketing/Construction Mark-It T-shirt screening, plaques and customized engraving. Engraving can be done on a variety of materials. MarkIt is set up at all home football and basketball games. Shawna Cole, Rusty Jolliff
Marketing/Finance RailerInk Customized posters, banners, window decals, magnets, and plaques. Posters/banners can print 2 feet wide and as long as the customer wants it to go Jessica Crabtree
Marketing/Finance Train Stop Located in the commons, a kiosk that is open before school and during lunch and sells school supplies, gum, and small personal hygiene items Jessica Crabtree
Family & Community Services Railer Embroidery Embroidery on shirts, jackets, towels, socks - almost anything! Cost is .75 cents per 1,000 stitches Molly Schauf