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Career Assessments

These assessment tools will help you find a career path that fits you.

Naviance - talk to your seminar teacher or counselor to get signed in to your school account.

My Next Move 

This interactive tool helps you learn more about your career and educational options. After learning your unique 'code,' you will receive personalized career suggestions based on your interests and level of work experience.
1. Access the site by clicking on (My Next Move) .
2. Once in the site, simply click into Start, found under the 'Tell us what you like to do' section and follow the directions. 
3. Read and work your way through the assessment and be sure to SAVE your results

Jung Personality
This is another super personality-type assessment. You will receive a four-letter code that you can plug into Google and come away with a fantastic personality-type description.
1. Access the website by clicking on (Jung Personality).
2. Click into Jung Typology Test, read the description, and take the assessment.
3. Once finished, copy and past your four-letter code into the Google search engine, and find a Portrait of who you are no matter where you are at!