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Career Shadows

"Throughout high school so far I have never completely decided what I would like to do with my life. I always knew I was going to go to college and do something big, but what? This year I went on a job shadow and my whole path has changed because of it. I have decided on taking different classes next year, taking a CNA course through Hutchinson CC this summer and after high school going to college to major in nursing. I am going to become a nurse practitioner."

--quote from NHS junior, Ashleigh Pulaski following a job shadow at Newton Medical Center.

A career shadow is designed to allow a student to follow and observe an employer at a company location to learn about a particular occupation or industry. Career shadowing is designed to be a one-day experience. The objectives of the day-one experience are to:

  • Prepare students to be responsible workers
  • Reinforce classroom content
  • Impact student awareness of appropriate workplace behavior
  • Create awareness of the relationship between school curriculum and work-place application 
  • Increase student skill and employability levels
  • Expose student to career options

As the employer/mentor there are some things that can be done to make the shadow the best experience as possible. If possible, expose the student to the total operation of the business:

  • Tour the facility
  • Introduce student to management/co-workers as appropriate
  • Acquaint student with related positions within the organization
  • Explain your firm’s hiring process in terms of application, interview and any required testing, etc.

The student will have a list of questions called the Career Shadow Observation/Interview Form. This was designed to give the student an in-depth view of various aspects of the career field. The shadow host may answer the questions at his/her discretion as time allows.


If you are a community business who would be interested in hosting career shadows, please complete this form. Thank you for your support!