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Welding I

8301-8308 Welding Technology I Grades 11 12 4 credits
Prerequisite: By application only. Welding I and II make up a two-year career preparatory program designed to place students directly into the welding industry. Students enroll concurrently as a HCC (no tuition) student to receive college credit and potentially earn a certificate. Students enroll Monday through Friday for 3 hours per day. This comprehensive welding program covers courses in both the theory and practical applications of Shielded Metal Arc Welding, oxyacetylene welding, cutting, brazing, soldering, and industrial shop safety. Related areas that a student will complete in welding include air carbon arc gouging, safe use of manufacturing equipment, shop math and measuring. Positive work behaviors such as regular attendance, leadership, teamwork and communication skills will be emphasized. These and other work skills will be accomplished through the student’s participation in the Skills USA VICA Student Organization. Seniors who enroll in Welding I have the option of completing their second year through HCC (Newton Center). Students are expected to provide their own work clothing, which includes steel-toed work boots, gloves, pliers, welding leathers, welding hood, and personal tools. $100 materials fee required. Jr. and Sr. concurrent enrollment with HCC – NO TUITION. Eligible for local Fine Arts credit.